Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Anodes on their way

Its holiday season so not been on board much.  Not lost interest but needed a break.  The new hatch being fitted was a milestone.  It gave me the confidence that there was little that could not be authentically put right.  So the pressure was off to try and protect certain rusting parts as I know they can be replaced and look a million times better.

Apart from the hull that is.  So Dave has ordered a buch of zinc anodes to bolt on to help protect the hull.  That will help.  The transformer protects it to some extent but insurance requires me to fit these things.

I still cannot find anyone interested in the large battery chargers.  Which means it may be time to cut them up to dispose of them.  So if anyone knows anyone who wants some let me know!


  1. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for you reply, and especially thanks for the invite of a tour … that would be magnificent. I was at the Marina the other day, but couldn’t see any sign of life so assumed your were not there, otherwise you may have got a knock on the door …!!

    Please have a look at my link, since which I have also posted the histories, as far as I can glean, of LV-80 (Orwell), and LV-86 (Nore). Am currently researching Irish LV Albatross (your other neighbour) and, LV-88 (ex-TS Nelson), supposed to be at Hoo (minus lantern and painted blue), as well as Irish LV Cormorant (Lady December/Dixon), also reputedly at Hoo, but I think maybe not anymore.

    I have a good friend (whom I spent time with in Antarctica some years ago) who has a company that specialise in cathodic protection (DC) of pipelines and oil rigs. If you need any information about this, just let me know. You probably have access to my email address via your blog. If not, just Google me, and I am sure you will find it ..!! Or, join the forum, and we can make contact through that; in any event any contributions you have to my posts there would be more than welcome.


  2. Clive,
    I cannot see your email so it will be hard to get hold of you. I have registered on your naval site so hopefully we can get in touch that way.

    If not, email me on simon.freeman@cogitatio.co.uk and we can arrange a time when I am on board.