Saturday, 5 February 2011

Pump out

It looks like the pump out has begun this week.  Progress is being made.  Thanks to the guys who are doing the work.  Turns out that nothing ever is as simple as it should be.  The tanks have no access at the top and so pumps are having to empty the tanks over 60ft.  Apparently getting them primed to work is taking ages.  One pump is already busted and the electric one is making the lights dim across Kent.

Fingers crossed they will be clear this week.

On a different note, the Commissioners of Irish Lights have sent a copy of the last dry dock contract that outlines all the work undertaken in 2004.  Very useful as it states all the paints that have been used in some detail.  That will save some time and effort.

So thanks to Robert at CIL for his kind help.

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