Friday, 28 January 2011

Good times bad times

The boat move to the mooring did not go to plan. The idea was to get the boat towed at a high high tide onto its mooring. However, the high high tide was only 13ft5 and the boat draft at the moment is about 12ft6. Bugger. So they did not move it. The risk is that if they try and get it wrong there is a 600 ton ship left in the main marina channel and nobody at all would be able to go in or out.

So what next? Well the good news is there is 80 tons of seawater in the diesel tanks. It would have to have been pumped out (at my expense) eventually. But because they are obliged to get the boat on the mooring as part of the deal (and cos they are nice guys) they are pumping out the tanks for me. That will raise the boat a ft or so and should enable it to get into its new home.

The funny news next. I have studied the full set of drawings of the boat for some time now and just about identified where everything is. But I have been unable to find where the grey water tanks are (for those non boat people that is the tanks that hold the sewage). So a friend of mine did a look around the boat last week and followed the pipes from the toilet. Down through the floor, into the cabin ceilings below. Then across the ceiling into the cabin wardrobe. Then, out through the side of the hull.

Yep. You got it. Raw sewage out of the toilet and right through a hole in the side of the hull. Fine when you are in the middle of the Irish sea but not so fine for my new neighbours who may be walking along the pontoon to their boat when they are surprised by yesterday's dinner shooting out at head height from a hole in the side of my boat.

Me thinks I might need to fit some new plumbing. Happy days.

The other news is that I managed to get into the optics last week and they all look fine.

The CIL were kind enough to send me a copy of the contract for repairs undertaken in 2004. Complete repaint. Very useful. Also they changed all the HALON for FM200 which means the boat fire systems are legal. Another relief. Lots of extras I did not realise are still on board. More of the systems are still there than anticipated. Also found the manuals for the Lister generators.

Can't wait to get onboard in a few weekends. All prepared. Power, lights, ladders and most of the suppliers lined up. Its going to be a great summer!

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