Sunday, 20 February 2011

Finally Gannet reaches her new home

I have to say that I was a little nervous today.  And so was the crew of the tugs who were going to move Gannet.  I was nervous that they would scratch her.  They were nervous because she is indestructible and if it went wrong Gannet would demolish the marina and anything she hit.  Think of it as losing control of a tank on a Mall car park.

Denis (marina owner) rang to say today was the day.  The pump out had worked, the tide was going to be one of the highest of the year.  The wind was low.  If it could not be moved today, it would not be moved at all.  Yesterday was cancelled as their was a yachting race.  When I turned up this morning there was another race on.  I did panic a little.  Would the racers stop the ship from moving.  Luckily it did not.

The tug crew set about doing stuff with ropes which I will neither try and describe or pretend to understand.  And then she was off.  The photos and videos below show the progress.  It was all over very quickly.  Essentially it was either going to work, or not.  Nothing in between.

A big thanks to all those involved in getting her to her new home today.

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