Monday, 28 November 2011


I was doing some research on lightships tonight and found LV15.  I thought all trinity ones were different to mine but LV15 looks to be identical in every way other than the room over the windlass (which I know to have  been a later addition to Gannet).  Looks to be moored in Essex.  I have contacted them to try and get a visit.

I will keep you all in the loop!


  1. Hi Simon,

    Good to see the blog getting busty again.

    LV15 is a couple of years older than yours … launched in 1952 in indeed moored Essex - in Woodolfe Creek, off the River Blackwater near Tollesbury. As you probably know, it started its operating life at Morecambe Bay, then quite a few other stations until finally being withdrawn from service in 1997/98. She was converted in 1990 (renamed TS Trinity 1991), and is now a RYA approved training centre that provides adventure training courses for youth clubs, schools etc.

    I guess you have been over to LV21 ..?


  2. Hi Clive,
    Great to hear from you again.

    I have been over to 21. It is looking excellent. I do drive people over there when I want to show how it can look when completed. They have done a fabulous job.

    I hope to visit the LV15 early next year when I get time as it is identical (I think) in every way as mine.

    Looking forward to showing you around Gannet some time.