Sunday, 6 November 2011


A busy day on the boat yesterday.   The strip out had started to stall as the remaining wiring and bits that need to be removed were still in use.  So I took the plunge and headed for screw fix.  With a handful of new extension cables and half a dozen site lights I set out a new ship wide temporary lighting scheme.  I cannot recommend these lights more highly.  They are ideal for the purpose.   Firstly, they are cheap.  The 120w version (good for lighting a room) costs less than a tenner.  The 400W version costs £11 and the twin lights on tripod stand costs around £26.  They are excellent value for money.  The second up side of these is that they get really hot.  Not good in summer but they make a big difference to the heating of the boat.  Heat and light in one cheap solution.

With the ship lights now sorted the remain cable came out quickly.  Now all but the 3 main consumer unit feed cables are out and clear.  Next job will be to physically remove the old lights and consumer units.   With a new set of cable cutters which I bought a month ago for the data centre strip out it was fast work.  Blisters and hacking with normal wire cutters used to take about 30 secs to a min to cut through.  These new cutters cut through the wire like scissors through string.  Anyone doing boat work should get some of these.

With all the wire now out the remaining rooms can be stripped down pronto.  It will soon be time to start planning the build.

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