Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cutting crew

Dave is back on board sorting out a range of jobs.  The first task was to cut the doorway from the chain room into the front locker.  This, as you will recall, is going to be the front master bedroom with ensuite.  The door cut, a new platform will be built to carry the stairs to the lower level rooms in the chain room.

The front locker houses a range of very heavy cupboards (steel), shelves (also steel) and two rooms.  One I partially dismantled (now Dave's job) and the other was the coal store which will remain in tact and become the ensuite bathroom.  The main room was the place they housed explosives etc and was built to withstand a good blast.  Inch thick ply and thick steel walls all added on to the ship at some point after it was built.  No structural purpose so easy to remove.

When I say easy, I mean uncomplicated rather than not hard work.

The pic below shows Dave in the explosives room in the front locker.  The wood in the door is one of the wall and ceiling panels.

This is the new door from the chain room into the front locker.  I will reuse one of the doorways from the bathroom to make sure the doors match.  This is the view into the chain room.

This is the view of the new door from the chain room.  Note the tank on the left.  There are two of these fed from deck.  This one is for lube oil and the other for paraffin.  I am not intending that these be removed but I may ensure they are emptied to avoid issues later.

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