Monday, 11 November 2013

Toilet floor vs jackhammer

The woodwork in the dinning room/mess was done so attention was turned to the bathrooms.  I am still awaiting the portholes to be fitted on the bathroom and a few other rooms but the old toilets could be started.  I cut the first piece of wood to place on the floor with a view to raising the floor over the existing toilet platforms and soon realised that the gap between the new floor and the ceiling would be too little even for me.  The old floor had to go.

As always, the ship engineering became a challenge.  The toilet floor had about a cm thick tile on top of about 3 cms of concrete over 2 cms of black tar type stuff.  

Although the toilet and wall was removed some time back the grey platform at the base was still in place for each toilet like some foundations for a throne on the black and white masonic temple floor it.  The flooring came up relatively easily in about 2 hours of jackhammer activity removing one room's worth.  What remained may require explosives.

The grey platform, if a lump of concrete would have been merciful.  Concrete I can handle.  What they had done is similar to the old galley cooker floor.  The had created a metal box welded to the metal floor (concreted in around) and the grey is a piece of very old, very very very hard seasoned hardwood.  The jackhammer just bounces off.  The chisels make no impact!

The only way to get this out will be drills and hole cutters.  When the wood is removed the metal box can be cut away and then and only then can the concrete at the back be removed.

Then the woodwork can progress.


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