Friday, 19 July 2013


The summer winds, are blowing in across the sea... or so the song goes.  But not in Hoo.  The heat from hell is warming Gannet up into a 600 ton sweat box.  Ouch.  Luckily there is now enough air flow to keep it bearable.  But the heat has kept me off the main deck and doing the woodwork and I have moved down into the other 4 cabins to make them usable.

Necessity has meant that I will need to start to use those cabins while I complete all the upstairs work.  Simple common sense really.  The cabins would have been the last thing to do and the work upstairs is simply put, enough.  So rather than squeeze into the dark dark portholeless cabins I currently live in I will clean up the other 4 and expand until the upstairs is completed.  At least to a certain extent.

The 4 cabins with portholes were originally the captains side.  So the set of rooms is of higher quality.  They are also much lighter with natural light coming in.  At least my body clock will start to reset again.

The first room to be cleaned was the old captains mess.  It has come up a treat although it took nearly 8 hours of solid cleaning (walls scrubbed, the whole works).  The old seating cushions now gone, I fitted a makeshift seat cushion system for now.  Refitted the TV and phone etc and put down some carpet (thanks Ian and Sue for the off cut).

It really is quite pleasant down there now.  Just three more cabins to clean.

Some art, a few books, a couple of lamps and hey presto.  Could be comfortable.

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