Friday, 26 April 2013


Frustrating delays on the porthole front.  The guy who does the sandblasting has gone on a long hol apparently.  So no progress.  The good news is that the new bout of warm weather has made a pleasant change on board.  Temperatures are at comfortable levels.

Tonights plan (now there is no need for the fire) is to dismantle the stove.  It should just be bolted together.  If so, getting it into parts should be straight forward.  Then stick it on ebay.  It needs restoration but is doable.  Just beyond my capabilities on the ship and my interest.  Even if it could be restored it is not the right fire for that location.  The fire box itself is too small and fiddly and does not produce enough heat to be useful.

Anyone interested in the stove is welcome to it.  Any of my followers can have it for free if they pick it up as a reward for loyalty to my blog.

Progress with the wood work has been slow.  Been busy for last few weeks.  With only one wall left to do in the mess the end is in sight for that room.  After that, bathroom I think.

So much to do, so little time.

Still, leaving the marina yesterday morning in bright warm morning sunshine and no noise other than the sounds from the various birds inhabiting the river reminded me why I am doing this.

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