Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Garbage compacting

I have to admit that it has been quiet for a while in terms of boat activity.  There has been plenty going on, just not really by me.  Dave has progressed well and all the windows in the wheelhouse should be cleaned and put back in by this weekend when I go down.  The chain holes in the windlass are now covered as are all the old porthole holes. 

The only things for Dave to do then is to fit the portholes.  However, the porthole cleaning job is taking a long time.  They have been unable to get the screws out of some and they need to be machined out.  Until that happens they cannot clean 5 of them and so we are a little stuck.

Started on the deck clearance last time.  It was taking yonks to break down all the scrap into manageable chunks.  Luckily the neighbours had taken all the wood and so that has reduce the volume considerably.  Saturday's job will be to have it all broken down into moveable bits.  Boring work but necessary.

This will then leave us in a position that we can start to rebuild the wheelhouse.  Electrics, heating piping and so on.  Yea!  Finally some construction work.

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