Monday, 11 June 2012


The first time I have had 2 straight days on the ship for some time now.  Saturday started well with the opportunity to see the porthole we had sent for a clean up.  Good news is that it looks great even though it is only half done.  Bad news is that costs will go up due to the fact the main brass surround is cast and needs sand blasting to get the (VERY) thick paint off it. But when done it will look brill.

The only sad bit is that the top cover is steel.  So we will get that spray painted after sand blasting.  The second problem is that I think the portholes will look so amazing when done that I will need to get all of them restored.  Ouch.  There are around 20 to do on the main deck.   But once the refit is done I would never be able to go back and do them so I either do it now or never.

Completed the strip out of the fog horn units.  Hard going.  Lots of heavy transformers.  But job done and a complete tidy up of the ship.

It is now time to clear the rear deck/scrap yard.  That will be a weekend of breaking down materials to get them efficiently into a skip.

Fun ahead!

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