Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Spring Clean

This weekend was really just a spring clean.  Months of grinding by Dave left the place with a thin layer of cutting disc dust everywhere.  Out with the brooms and mops and clean clean clean.  Well, maybe just clean clean.

The batteries were removed from the battery room to somewhere safe.  It turns out that the batteries are worth money.  If you can get them to where they need to be.  And they are heavy.  Very heavy.  And lost of them.  So a job for another day.

All tools were cleared, old electrical equipment such as fuse boxes stored and the boat is now clear of junk.  The only rooms left to clear are now the radio room and the battery room.   The radio room has about a day's worth of clearing and a wall to remove.  Then Dave to cut off the the cable racks and weld up the hatch.

With those two rooms and the windows in the wheel house done the only remaining immediate work to do will be to put in all the new portholes into the rest of the ship.  Gulp.  ££££££

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